Equipment, housing, and services

We are a Locally Owned Rental Company. We offer rental apartments and homes (check availability). We are proud to offer quality products at competitive rates. Please contact us via email to check availability before renting a product.
We allow you to rent quality products through our platform and company name! Start letting the equipment you own pay you back. Contact us for more details.
Do you have a question about a specific item or price? Please feel free to send us a message or email. 
We do offer specific services and offer operators at an additional cost. Please message or email for such requests to see availability.
If you are renting an item for yourself, or using our company to promote your item you must fill out a liability release form before any product or service will be exchanged.
Deposits traditionally are refundable once the item rented is returned in the same or better condition than when it was handed over to your care.
We can deliver our products for an additional charge in town. Please message or email us for more details.
Please inform us of the condition of the product before leaving with the product. We reserve the right to inspect the item thoroughly before making your deposit a refund.

Why borrow when you can rent a product for those to-do lists?

Call's Community Rentals is proud to offer a variety of services, items, and housing for rent. We are growing everyday, and are proud to be a part of the community offering these services locally.