What if I break a rental Item?

Depending on the situation your deposit will be used to fix an item. If your deposit does not cover the damages to the item, we may contact you for insurance replacement costs.

If there is an accident what do I do?

If there is an accident that requires medical attention please call 911. You are required to report any accidents that happen while renting our equipment.

What if I don't know how to use an item rented?

You are renting items at your own risk. We do not train how to use an item. You are accepting the liability of renting the item, as explained in the release of liability form signed for each item rented.

How old do I have to be to rent an Item?

You must be at least 18 years old to rent any item listed, and at least 21 years old to rent any equipment that drives to operate. 

What if I want to rent my item using your platform?

We are happy to list your item using our platform. We will take a small percentage of the rental price you are asking. We will ask you to send us 1 to 3 pictures of your item, and other details once you have contacted us for your request.

Do you deliver anywhere?

Unfortunately, we do not. We can deliver any item listed in the town of Taylor and Snowflake for an extra charge depending on the item. Ask for details.

What if I want to cancel a rental?

You can cancel a rental if done prior to 24 hours before your scheduled time starts.

What if I bring my item back early?

You are being charged a minimum service fee for the period selected. If you choose to bring it back early that is acceptable, but will not reduce your rental fee.

What if I want to rent more than one item?

We are happy to rent out any number of items as long as they are available. 

Do I need to fuel the item back up?

Yes. If brought back empty you will be charged a fuel rate and service fee.

HOw much does your housing rentals cost? are they available?

Currently our housing rental units are full, but this can change month to month. Please contact us for details about costs or availability. 

What if I notice something broken before I start using it?

Please inform us immediately. We inspect the unit before it is turned over. If you notice something wrong however we will contact the last person who rented and investigate.